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A unique flying machine


We have developed a new generation of ultralight aircraft: SHARK is designed and built for long-haul flights and long distances. It has a significantly modified design and performance, it is the fastest ultralight with speeds close to turboprop or twin-engine aircraft. SHARK offers a fast and very efficient way of transport. You no longer have to deal with the increased density of cars on the roads or the limited number of airline connections. With SHARK, you can fly to the desired places faster and more efficiently than with a conventional PPL plane or a classic transport airline.

A unique flying machine


A modern aircraft deserves a modern cockpit. Interior featuring reclining seats, front and rear Dynon displays. The Glass cockpit will give the pilot and passenger a feeling comparable to the interior of a Biz-jet. SHARK offers its owners high performance, great controllability, agile maneuverability, making it an ideal aircraft. The plane is equipped with mounting elements for GoPro cameras on the wings, which will allow you to monitor, evaluate and improve your flight technique, as well as share experiences with loved ones or on social networks.

A unique flying machine


SHARK is worth every minute of your time. Forget about time travel and enjoy flying. The SHARK is powered by a 100 hp ROTAX 912 ULS engine and a WOODCOMP adjustable 2-blade propeller. Low operating costs, long range, speed and long life represent ideal investments in your flying. With SHARK aircraft you have access to any public airport and thanks to this you can maintain minimum/optimal operating costs. To reach the desired goal/destination, it is no longer necessary to consider alternatives, either from a time or cost point of view.

The combination of top performance with a modern and comfortable cockpit, excellent visibility and uncompromising design will allow you to feel in the sky like no other aircraft.

Smooth aerodynamically efficient fuselage and airfoils with elliptical leading edges.

Shark ultralight 600 kg


The smoothly streamlined, aerodynamically efficient fuselage and aerodynamic surfaces with the elliptical outer leading edges.

Shark pohled do kabiny Garmin G3X, Dynon


Go for classic analog instruments or Dynon SkyView with intuitive pilot interface through touchscreen control with a full set of hard, tactile controls for use in turbulence.

Shark padákový záchranný systém


Advanced Ballistic Aircraft Rescue System can be used up to the speed of 300 km/h and the weight of 600 kg.

Shark 600


The airplane long range and speed make it the best choice for pilots that indulge in long cross-country flights.


Stalling speed with flaps (VSO)                                  68 km/h

Max. speed with not-retracted landing gear (VLO)      130 km/h

Maximum flap extended speed (VFE)                        140 km/h

Max manoeuvring speed (VA)                                     185km/h

Max speed in hard turbulence (VRA)                         270 km/h

Never exceed speed (VNE)                                        333 km/h


Take off distance over 15m obstacle                         235 m (30º flaps)

Landing distance over 15 m obstacle (sea level)        190 m (40º flaps)

Max rate of climb(sea level MTOW )                          7.2 m/s

Max cruise speed (VH) (sea level)                             300 km/h

Optimal cruise speed                                               270-290 km/h

Maximum load factor                                              + 4g | – 2 g

Maximální construction load factor                         + 6 g | – 3 g



A unique flying machine


We are a distributor of Shark aircraft for the Czech Republic and Poland. We provide comprehensive services in the sale of Shark aircraft such as sales, consulting, warranty and post-warranty service, aircraft registration, demo flights, retraining and, in cooperation with the partner company F AIR, comprehensive training for Shark aircraft. 

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A unique flying machine

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