The Ultimate Flying Machine

To experience the next generation of aviation, SHARK developed the next generation ultralight: the SHARK, designed and built for long range cross country flights. With raising density of cars on the roads and family budget under pressure, the SHARK offers a ultrafast, cost-effective and highly efficient transport options. SHARK offers faster and more efficient aircraft so YOU do not need take airline and get anywhere faster than those flying conventional PPL aircraft, reducing cost and offering time. SHARK significantly changed the design and performance to make an ultralight this fast, until SHARK, exclusively the domain of turbo prop and twin engine aircraft.


Customise to Your Needs

A modern aircraft deserves a modern cockpit environment. SHARK offers its owners high performance, great handling, agile manoeuvrability, making it an ideal performance vehicle for the wide use range of today. From day one we offer a large front and mid size back crystal clear displays that compares to biz-jets and make SHARK a “glass cockpit” aircraft. The aeroplane comes equipped with GoPro camera type mounting points on wings, which enable the owner to monitor and improve its flight technique with today’s technology and education standards.


Aeroplane Matching the Value of Your Free Time

SHARK is powered by a ROTAX 912 ULS 100 hp engine running WOODCOMP 2-blade adjustable propeller. Low operating cost, long range, exceptional speed and long service life offer ideal investment in your flying. Access to any public airport at optimum while keeping operational cost minimum. There is no need to reflect on alternatives in time or cost to reach your destination. SHARK is worth the value of your free time. Remove the travel time from your equation. Enjoy your flying.

An integration of exclusive performance with comfortable cockpit, excellent visibility, and uncompromising styling enables you to feel home in the sky like in no other airplane.

Shark Aero is a high-performance two seat tandem ultralight aircraft with retractable gear, smaller wing, variable-pitch propeller and first class comfortable cockpit interior.

Shark was designed and constructed as fast cross-country airplane, build on innovative design and new technologies.

Using the most advanced technology of carbon fiber epoxy composite and it’s uncompromisingly optimized aerodynamics makes the Shark the fastest ultralight aircraft proven by the world speed record and rewarded by numbers of design awards.

While we will vouch for its performance and safety, we understand the priorities and offer a full airplane emergency rescue system.

It allows to bring the whole airplane down safely in emergency.



The smoothly streamlined, aerodynamically efficient fuselage and aerodynamic surfaces with the elliptical outer leading edges.


Go for classic analog instruments or Dynon SkyView with intuitive pilot interface through touchscreen control with a full set of hard, tactile controls for use in turbulence.


Advanced Ballistic Aircraft Rescue System can be used up to the speed of 300 km/h and the weight of 475 kg.


The airplane long range and speed make it the best choice for pilots that indulge in long cross-country flights.


64 km/h
150 km/h
143 km/h
Max manoeuvring speed 175 km/h
Max speed in hard turbulence 250 km/h
Never exceed speed 333 km/h

Take-Off Distance Over 15 m Obstacle 210 m (20º flaps)
Landing Distance Over 15 m Obstacle 290 m (30º flaps)
Max Rate of Climb 7,2 m/s
Max Cruise Speed (VH) at Sea Level
295 km/h
Optimum Horizontal Speed 270-290 km/h
Maximum load factor + 4 g | – 2 g
Maximum ultimate + 6 g | – 3 g


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